About us

Bailloo comes to your world to fill your senses with a unique fashion motive! Our philosophy is based on an authentic long lasting hadmade knitting experience!

The brand Bailloo

about-us-baillooBailloo products are made of 100% natural materials chosen with love and passion to come up with a stunning result which will fascinate you.
Colorful threads, as colorful as rare flowers, will travel you to a unique destination of elegance, where modern creation meets traditional art of crochet knitting!

Literally, our art is now in your hands…..

The journey through colors, combined with the tradition has begun…..Excellent quality materials assures a unique quality product in your hands, a treasure and a well kept secret having its roots back in time…..exclusively for you.
Our team focuses on detail so that customer will enjoy the best result. Everything is handcrafted ,excluded of any production machinery intervention.
Bailloo’s skillful team commits to an excellent quality product, created with endless imagination and collaboration, with the finest materials. Our persistence on detail our long search for raw materials in the market , for each piece separately ,designates the uniqueness and the authenticity of Bailloo products.

Bailloo offers you an escape trip through colors!

Our motive is that: Every woman will have the opportunity to express herself through our designs and colors and reveal a unique personality and style.
Bailloo creations reflect our love for knitting, our endless inspiration, and our commitment to always use the best materials available in the market.
Women can now enjoy their every day need of a unique fashion style. Bailloo comes to fill life with colors and distinctive fashion freshness.

Bailloo welcomes you onboard. Enjoy the adventure!!!

“Welcome to the Bailloo family”
Anastasia Giannitsi | Creativity Department Director